Determining the Current Situation of Values Education in Primary School Social Studies Curriculum by Teachers Opinions
Abstract The aim of this research is determining the current situation of values education in social studies curriculum by teachers’s opinions. 423 classroom teachers have formed the population of the research in Diyarbakır. As part of the research 320 teachers have been reached and these teachers have composed the the sample of the research. By the results of research it is seen that the teachers find the values which includes in the programme deficient against the popular culture submitted by mass communication, some publications which includes severity and aggressiveness badly effects the values education given at schools, they are coherence at the same opinion that it is necessary to enrich the content of programme to bring in the values. Also it is understood that the teachers think that inservice training about values education programme will be useful and if there will be a guide-book about values education, they can derive benefit from it.

Social Studies Curriculum,Values,Values Education