Despite plants being of great importance for life on Earth, they are often overlooked. This oversight, known as "plant blindness" (a cognitive bias where people tend to ignore plant species), has increased over time as students prefer spending their leisure time with modern media rather than nature. "Plant blindness" describes the inadequacies of individuals in identifying and appreciating plant diversity, highlighting a significant gap in biology education, especially considering the central role of plants, critical components of photosynthesis, in ecosystems. However, current pedagogical tools fall short in comprehensively evaluating students' plant awareness. The purpose of this research is to develop new pedagogical approaches and assessment strategies to overcome the phenomenon of "plant blindness" in the field of education. Plant blindness encapsulates the deficiencies in individuals' abilities to recognize and evaluate plant diversity, exposing a notable deficiency in biology education. The focus of the research is to enhance students' knowledge and awareness of plants, thereby making them more sensitive and conscious individuals towards nature. The research aims to examine plant consciousness in four main dimensions: visual perception of plants, classification of plants, basic plant knowledge, and attitudes towards plants. The findings of this research are expected to shed light on new pedagogical approaches and assessment strategies proposed to overcome "plant blindness" in biology education. Additionally, the research aims to encourage students to better understand nature and the critical roles plants play in ecosystems, motivating them to take environmental responsibility. Moreover, it aims to provide biology teachers and educators with information and tools to enrich their lesson plans and teaching methods. This study will be an important step in the fight against plant blindness and will enhance future generations' respect and awareness of biological diversity.


Plant awareness, plant blindness,measurement tool, measurement tools.