Adapting to the ever-changing and developing world of the 21st century requires the acquisition of a number of different skills. Acquisition and development of social emotional learning skills, which is one of these skills, is possible to a large extent through the education provided in schools. General music education, one of these educations, has a role in developing students both academically and socially and emotionally. Examining the music lesson curriculum, which serves as a guide in the realization of music education, becomes important in this respect. Based on this, the aim of the study was determined to examine the field-specific skills, specific objectives and achievements in learning areas in the primary-secondary school music course curriculum within the scope of social emotional learning skills. It is known that studies on social emotional learning skills have increased in recent years. However, in the examination, no study was found on this subject within the field of music. For this reason, this study, which reveals the relationship between social emotional learning skills and the music course curriculum, is important in that it is original, contributes to music education, and offers new perspectives for researchers. The design of the research was designed as an evaluation-based case study. The data obtained by the document analysis method was analyzed by applying descriptive analysis. As a result of the findings of the research, it was determined that the basic skills, specific goals and achievements specific to the field of music lessons were mostly related to social awareness, relationship skills, self-awareness, self-management and responsible decision-making skills. According to the analysis, the curriculum includes a lot of social awareness skills; but it has been observed that it contains very few other skills. In this regard, it has been concluded that the music course curriculum is generally weak in terms of including social emotional learning skills. The results were discussed in the light of the literature and some suggestions were made for researchers.


Social Emotional Learning, Music Lesson, Curriculum, Music Education