There are many studies written on tombs, tomb structures and tombstones in scientific fields such as Art History, Archaeology, History and Architecture. Today, studies conducted in this field can be categorized with various data using some software programs. This makes it easier for scientists conducting academic studies to access contemporary sources and provides the convenience of analyzing studies collectively. This approach also allows field studies to be examined from past to present. There are not many current studies in the literature aimed at determining the general structure and characteristics of tombs, grave structures and tombstones within the framework of bibliometric laws. Therefore, the aim of this study is to determine the bibliometric features of peer reviewed articles published in the field of tombs, grave structures and tombstones. It is important to determine the contribution of academic studies on the subject to scientific field at the international level and the place of the studies in the international publication rankings. When the keywords "Tomb-Tombs", "Gravestone-Gravestones", "Tombstone-Tombstones" are surveyed in the Web of Science Core Collection database using the "or" option, 70 scientific papers appear. 45 of these studies, on which 94 authors worked, have a single author. Moreover, it is found that 25 publications are co-authored studies. Analysis findings show that the first article in this field indexed in the Web of Science Core Collection database was published in 2007. For this reason, the starting date is accepted as 2007, and 2023 is not included in the time period since it has not ended yet. Most of the studies related with the field and key word were published in Milli Folklore, Olba and Belleten journals.


Grave, Tombstones, Tomb, Art History, Archeology, Bibliometric Analysis.