The aim of this research is to analyze the master's theses written between 2011-2023 on the socio-cultural and economic effects of migration in our country in recent years and bearing the phrase "socio-cultural and economic effects" in the title. The research model is document analysis, which is one of the qualitative research methods that are increasingly used in social sciences. In this context; 8 master's theses were reached. In order to access these documents, a search was made through the National Thesis Center. During the literature review, socio-economic effects of migration were used as a keyword. Turkey has become a center of attraction for migration many times due to its economic, social and cultural identities as well as its geo-political position. This situation brings along a number of interactions in Turkey in the economic and socio-cultural fields. As a matter of fact, while the phenomenon of migration is the displacement of people due to economic, political and social reasons, on the other hand, changes in the economic, political and social context may occur in the place of migration. In this context, as a result of the document analysis conducted on a total of 8 master's theses, 2 of which were quantitative, 3 qualitative and 3 mixed research methods; the common opinion of 8 authors is that the recent migration to our country has economic, social and cultural effects. When we look at the economic effects of migration, unemployment, unregistered employment, cheap labor and rental housing prices have had an impact on the labor and real estate markets. All master's theses have made suggestions in the conclusion and recommendation section to facilitate adaptation and to overcome the adaptation process with the least pain.


Economic and social impacts of migration, document analysis, migration.