The name of the institution explored in this research initially was “İskân-ı Aşâir ve Muhâcirîn Müdirîyeti” (Directorate for the Settlement of the Tribes and Immigrants), bu with later alterations it was turned first into “Aşâir ve Muhâcirîn Müdirîyet-i Umumiyesi” (General Directorate for the Settlement of the Tribes and Immigrants) and then to “Muhâcirîn Müdirîyet-i Umumiyesi” (General Directora for the Settlement of Immigrants). There are different views on the formation of the name of the institution of research subject. Different uses of the term “aşair” (tribes), either in wright or wrong meanings, are given as examples. As for the term “muhacir” (immigrant), it is used, in parallell with the migration and settlement problem increasing with the shrinking of Ottoman territories, as “commission” and “administration”. It seems that this directorate was invented as a result of big problems and internal and external pressures felt at the beginning of the 20th century. Although founded in 1913, the directorate was converted into “general directorate” in 1916. Its first director was Suad Bey, to be followed by Şükrü Kaya as the second director. When it was converted into “general directorate”, Şükrü Bey was appointed the general director. Soon afterwards, Hamdi Bey, a well educated patriotic bureucrat, as well a diplomat of the years to come, replaced him. After the views on the name of this institution was brought into light, their uses in different meanings were exemplified. It was shown how the meanings lost their original meanings over time. The effectiveness of this institution, exploring the social conditions and private questions of the traveling and semi-resident tribes and taking the measures for thir settlement and naturalization, together with other difficulties faced by the immigrants, was elaborated. The names of the publications published by “general directorate” have been listed and the deficiencies of these publications have been highlighted. “General directorate” have issued six publications in total. Similarly, it was emphasized that it sent several decrees and regulations to the center and countyside

Directorate for the Settlement of the Tribes and Immigrants, General Directorate of Tribes and Immi