Ensuring the autonomy of the employees in educational organizations, catching the opportunity to learn from their experiences and discovering the best course of action are closely related to the leadership skills of school administrators. It is important to manage schools with professionals with strong leadership skills in terms of providing a positive communication environment. A positive school climate makes employees effective, efficient and enthusiastic. On the other hand, this climate not only makes people work with enthusiasm, but also motivates them at the point of continuous improvement. In this context, it is aimed to explain to what extent the paternalistic leadership behaviors of managers, one of the modern leadership approaches, affect internal communication and the role of organizational agility in this effect by modeling. The purpose of this study is to reveal the mediating role of organizational agility (OA) in the effect of school administrators' paternalistic leadership (PL) behaviors on organizational communication (OC). Relational survey model was used to determine the relationship between variables. The study group consists of 425 teachers working in public schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education in Pendik, Kartal, Tuzla and Sultanbeyli districts of Istanbul province, determined by using simple random sampling method. The data were collected by using personal information form, Paternalistic Leadership Behaviors Scale, Intra-Organizational Communication Scale and Organizational Agility Scale. The data obtained were analyzed using correlation and structural equation model (SEM) analyses as a result of the data extraction process and basic assumption tests before starting the analysis. When the findings obtained for the purpose of the research were examined as a result of the analyses, it was concluded that there is a significant positive relationship between principals' PL behaviors and OA and OC; there is a significant positive relationship between schools' OA and OC; and finally, organizational agility is a partial mediator in the effect of PL on SC. Paternalistic leadership behaviors of school administrators partially affect intra-organizational communication through organizational agility. As a result, the findings are discussed and solution suggestions are tried to be developed.


Paternalistic leadership, Intra-organizational communication, Organizational agility