In this study, the opinions of the workshop teachers about the Design-Skill Workshop applications, which came to the agenda with the 2023 Education vision, were examined. In the study, case study design, one of the qualitative research methods, was employed to determine the opinions of Design-Skill Workshop teachers about Design-Skill Workshop practices. The participants of the research are twelve design-skill workshop teachers working at primary, secondary and high schools. Twelve teachers selected as samples were interviewed using a semi-structured interview form. Criterion sampling method, which is one of the purposive sampling methods, was used while determining the study group in the research. In the research, attention was paid to the fact that the interviewed teachers were from different types of workshops and had different years of seniority. Thus, sample diversity was tried to be ensured. The interviews lasted 20-25 minutes. Interviews were made with each teacher using the zoom program and recorded. Content analysis and descriptive analysis were used in the analysis of the data obtained. The questions posed to the teachers in the research were grouped under four headings. These headings are the Design-Skill Workshop teachers view about the workshop application, the problems that the Design-Skill Workshop teachers face during the practices, the suggestions of the Design-Skill Workshop teachers about the workshop lessons, and the views of the Design-Skill Workshop teachers about the attitudes of students, teachers and parents. In this context, it was detected that almost all of the workshop teachers had a positive perspective, the problems faced by the teachers were the problems arising from the school structure and from the students, the number of students was high, the course time was not enough and there were problems in the supply of materials. It was also identified that the suggestions of the teachers were aimed at teachers and practice and lesson plans. Finally, it was concluded that the students' attitudes were positive, that the students liked to attend the workshop lessons and that they were happy to be in a different environment from the classroom.


Design-Skill Workshops, Workshop teachers, 2023 Education Vision