The Covid-19 outbreak, which emerged in China in December 2019, was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization in March 2020. The epidemic has negatively affected all aspects of daily life. In order to cope with the epidemic, measures have been taken that completely affect social life. Treatment and vaccine studies have started all over the world. Individuals have applied to complementary and alternative medicine methods against the disease. This research was planned to examine the herbal products consumed by individuals in order to avoid the disease due to the Covid-19 epidemic, and the relationship between these herbal products used and the state of passing the Covid-19 disease. Relational screening model was used in this research. The data collection phase of the study was done by face-to-face survey method. The research was carried out in Muş 1 and 2 Family Health Centers in April and May 2023. 26 of 430 individuals aged 15 and over who voluntarily participated in the study were not included in the study due to discontinuation from the study or missing information in the questionnaires. For these reasons, 144 women and 260 men with a mean age of 31.90±14.5 were included in our study. The data we obtained in our research, 48.5% of the individuals participating in the research think that herbal products protect from Covid-19, and it has been determined that they consume the most mint plant with 65.3%. A statistically significant difference was found between the status of contracting Covid-19 disease and the protection of herbal products (p<0.05). However, it was determined that 69.1% of those who did not have the disease consumed mint, 63.6% thyme, 58.2% garlic or onion. As a result, it was determined that more than half of the participants in the study were protective of herbal products, and those who did not suffer from the disease used mint, thyme, garlic and onions. The fact that individuals using herbal products are statistically significantly less likely to catch Covid-19 shows that herbal products provide protection against Covid-19 in individuals, but more research is recommended to examine the relationship between herbal product use and infectious diseases such as Covid-19 disease.


Herbal products, covid-19 outbreak, public health.