In modern capitalist societies, sports fandom constitutes almost a large part of individuals' 'free time' activities. The concept of sports support, which has both an individual and a social role in the context of feeling that they belong to a group, is also important in terms of ensuring social integrity. On the other hand, the areas that sports fans feel belong to, both sociologically, psychologically and mentally, can turn into places of violence. For exactly these reasons, individuals can stay in a social environment where they are marginalized and discriminated against in their free time. In line with this information, the aim of the research is to analyze the violence events in sports fans with their sociological dimensions in the context of "Broken Window Theory and Symbolic Interaction Theory" and to examine the individual and social dimensions of violence in the stands. The research was carried out as a systematic compilation study as a result of scanning the literature and associating the obtained data with each other. In order to understand the acts of aggression and violence in the tribune, the Broken Window Theory emphasizes that a certain disorder in the social sphere will be immediately noticed by individuals and that individuals will continue their actions in the absence of sanctions regarding that disorder. Symbolic Interaction Theory, on the other hand, states that individuals establish a relationship network with each other through their actions and affect each other through sombols. At this very point, the individual(s) who notice any violent speech or act in the tribune can mentally display behaviors that serve the disorder, thinking that they have found a flaw in the system, and this dimension of disorder can affect other groups as well. In order to prevent the continuation of all these chains of reasons, the size of the problem of violence should be determined and the reasons should be determined and resolved. In this direction, the research was carried out using the analytical method and the hermeneutic approach. As a result of a detailed literature review, when we look at the results we have obtained, it is observed that the Broken Window Theory can give answers about the source of violence in sports and what it is, and at the same time, it is thought that when taken together with the Symbolic Interaction Theory, it can help in ensuring order and stability in the social field.


Broken windows, symbolic interaction, sports, tribune and violence.