In this research, it is aimed to address the problems faced by physical education and sports teachers in the process of determining the teaching methods they use in their lessons and to offer possible solutions. The research was carried out by using the phenomenology design, one of the qualitative research methods. The data obtained in the study were collected using a semi-structured interview form developed by the researchers. The study group of the research consists of 10 physical education teachers working in schools affiliated to Amasya Provincial Directorate of National Education. The collected data were analysed within the framework of descriptive analysis. As a result of the research, the participants prioritized method determination respectively, the individual characteristics of the student, course equipment, physical conditions, achievements, number of students, student safety and professional knowledge. If the participants have problems in determining the teaching method; They expressed lack of method knowledge, lack of materials, lack of field and hall, crowded classrooms, insufficient course hours, negative attitude towards the course, low level of development of students and undisciplined student profile. The participants included possible solutions to the problems experienced in determining the teaching method; he made suggestions such as in-service training, practice-oriented training at the university, completing the lack of materials, increasing the number of course hours, improving the physical conditions, providing quality education in all branches, having a movement training course and reducing the number of classes. As a result of the findings, it was understood that physical education and sports teachers faced some problems in determining teaching methods and these problems were an obstacle in realizing the purpose of the physical education lesson. It has been concluded that in order to ensure healthy psychomotor development of students and to raise them in a sports culture, it is necessary to provide the necessary competencies in physical education and sports lessons and to increase teacher qualifications. According to the results of the research, physical education and sports teachers should be provided with knowledge of teaching methods, professional development through training in undergraduate education and in-service training during their duties. In addition, the equipment, materials and field deficiencies needed in physical education and sports lessons should be completed.


Physical education and sports, physical education teacher, teaching styles