Today, in the field of public service, it is very important and rooted in theory and practice all over the world changes are occurring. These changes are; change in the perspective of the state, management and service localization, and demilitarization. The management logic and techniques in the private sector manifests itself as the application of its management and services. In this direction, change on educational services are among the most important public services. This research is prepared to search the feasibility of decentralization of education services in Turkey. In this study, the results of the existing theories and the localization of educational services combined. Thus, the possible positive and negative effects of the decentralization of education services, negative economic, social and political effects have been tried to be revealed. In this context, legal ground, political environment, technical, administrative, and financial capacity of local government units, rent status, equality, necessary for the localization of education services in Turkey within the framework of factors such as the existence of the infrastructure is also examined. As a result of the study in question, there is a global scale decentralization in the field of education. There is a decentralization flow, but the current conditions of the decentralization of education services (especially under the responsibility of municipalities) in Turkey and the criteria discussed and it is concluded that it should be handled very carefully in terms of has been reached.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Decentralization, Education, Decentralization of Education, Turkey