This study was carried out to determine the purchasing styles of working women and housewives. During the data collection phase of the study, the online form created through Google forms was shared with working women and housewives who live in Isparta and are over 18 years old and have purchasing behaviour. A total of 487 participants, 247 of whom were working women and 240 of them were housewives, who participated in the study voluntarily and filled out the questionnaire completely, were included in the study. A descriptive research model was used in the study. The data were analysed by using various statistical tests including “Reliability”, “KMO test”, “Factor Analysis”, and “Independent T test” with the SPSS 22 package program. In this respect, purchasing styles of working women and housewives were determined according to the research model. Nine factors emerged in the dimensions of purchasing style perceptions of working women and housewives. The naming of the factors obtained was made according to the items that make up the factors. The factors are “Perfectionist”, “Brand Conscious”, “Fashion Conscious”, “Pleasure Conscious”, “Careful and Price Conscious”, “Confused”, “Brand Loyal”, “Careless”, and “Contented”, respectively. Besides, statistically significant relations were found among the purchasing styles of female consumers and their job status in the study. It can be inferred from this study that while working women are more sensitive in such dimensions as brand conscious, pleasure conscious, price conscious and careful, and confused, housewives are more susceptible in terms of careless and contented dimensions. In the study, it was also determined that the profession variable did not make a difference in the dimensions of perfectionist, brand loyal and fashion conscious.


Purchasing style, working women, housewives, consumer behaviour