Each state has its own education system, and its goals and contents have been determined in line with its own values. In the Kazakh education system, goals and contents were determined in accordance with the state policy, and the education of individuals began at a very young age, and children were educated in pre-school education institutions. The historical and cultural structure of Kazakhstan was effective in determining the education system of Kazakhstan, the effects of oppression, assimilation and other changes experienced in the Tsarist and Soviet Union periods were also seen in the education system, in these periods, all Kazakh people were asked to turn into Soviet-type individuals and policies were implemented to achieve this goal in education. While N. Ilminskiy had effects such as giving Kazakh language as a separate language in the Kazakh education system, teaching Russian as the language of education, opening Russian schools, I. Altınsarin was accepted as the founder of Kazakh education system and Kazakh schools. With the end of the Soviet period and the declaration of independence on December 16, 1991, there were some changes in the Kazakh education system, whose roots were laid in earlier times, and the goals and contents for national cultural awareness were included in the education system. In our study, after giving general information about Kazakhstan, Kazakh education system and pre-school education were discussed, then the names of special days and holidays celebrated in Kazakhstan and in Kazakh kindergartens were given. The study was conducted using a semi-structured interview and a document analysis method. As a result of the evaluation of the interviews with Kazakh participants, attention was drawn to the celebrations with the narrative tradition in pre-school education in Kazakhstan, and it was determined that the transfer of culture through such activities began at a young age through education and that the children were intertwined with the culture by actively participating in these activities.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Culture, education system, Kazakhstan, kindergarten.