Complaint management can become a process where one-to-one meetings are held with the customer, and customer loyalty is created by turning the crisis arising from dissatisfaction into an opportunity if managed correctly. Therefore, it is essential to use interpersonal communication techniques correctly and to analyze the customer's complaints and expectations correctly. In order to establish a healthy communication with the customer and a strong customer relationship management, complaints should be managed strategically. In this context, it was announced between April 29th and May 17th, 2021 and lasted for 19 days, in order to understand what kind of strategies the companies followed to eliminate the disruptions in the purchasing experience offered to customers during the full closure process, due to the fact that users turned to online shopping during the COVID 19 pandemic, where all life flows through social media. Customer complaints of the "Gittigidiyor.com" online shopping site, which was selected as the "most successful brand" by the website, from the relevant link of the official website of "Sikayetvar.com", in the period covering the full closing period and the first 19 days of the full opening period started as of July 1st, 2021. examined. The negative experiences of the customers regarding the purchasing processes, the complainant customer profile of the company, the complaints and the communication with the customers in the process of resolving the complaints through the customer complaints on the website sahibinden.com were analyzed by content analysis method by creating a customer type model. There were no great differences in the number of complaints and solutions in the full opening and full closing processes. Gittigidiyor customers experience problems in 7 categories: return problems, lack of invoice or warranty document, problems caused by cargo, problems using coupons or discount vouchers, exchange problems, order cancellation problems and system-related problems. These complainant customer types, who personalize the negativities, regret, advise the company or the company's customers, give advice, take advantage, compare the company with its past and current situation or its competitors, accuse the company and make threats, have made an important contribution to Gittigidiyor with their feedback. Because the company dealt with these customers directly, found solutions to their problems, had one-on-one meetings using interpersonal communication techniques, and turned the crisis into an opportunity by managing the process correctly, the customers drew their complaints and gave the company 5 stars.

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