This study aimed to reveal the trends in e-learning theses on education and training published in Turkey between 2003-2021. 60 theses in the database of the National Thesis Center of the Council of Higher Education were examined with the descriptive content analysis approach. The E-Learning Thesis Review Form, which was created in the Microsoft Excel by the researchers, was used as a data collection tool. Then the data were analyzed with SPSS. It has been found that most of the postgraduate theses were master's theses, the number of theses has increased since 2009, most of the theses were written in Turkish, Gazi and Hacettepe universities stand out in terms of the number of theses published, half of the theses were conducted in educational sciences institutes, and theses were conducted in the department of computer and instructional technologies most. Also, the quantitative approach was used as the research methodology and the survey design is used as the research design most, the sample/study groups consisted of the undergraduate students most,  the simple random sampling method was used in the quantitative studies and the purposive sampling in the mixed studies most, sample groups did not exceed 200 people mostly, scales were used in quantitative research and interviews in mixed research most as data collection tools, classical data collection method was used most, ANOVA and independent samples t-test were used in quantitative studies and content analysis in mixed studies most as data analysis methods.

Anahtar Kelimeler

E-learning, distance learning, content analysis