The purpose of research is to examine the views of classroom teachers on individualization of teaching. Convergent parallel mixed method design, one of the mixed methods, was used in the research. The study group consists of 239 classroom teachers. Data were collected using a questionnaire and semi-structured interview form developed by the researcher. Quantitative data were analyzed by descriptive statistic, qualitative data were analyzed by descriptive and content analysis techniques. At the end of the study, it was determined that the participant perceived the concept of individualization of teaching as student-centered education, sensitivity to individual differences in teaching, diversity of methods-techniques and materials used in the learning environment, and individual teaching. Teachers stated that they usually perform the activities expected to be carried out for the individualization of teaching before, during and after the lesson. In addition, teachers thinked that individualization of teaching contributes positively to the developmental characteristics of students such as progress at their own pace, getting personalized feedback and corrections, accessing individualized assessment and evaluation practices, increasing their academic success and providing multi-faceted development. Participating stated that the individual differences of students had negative effects on teaching and they struggled with these negativities. Teachers' views on the factors affecting their efforts to individualize teaching were collected in the following categories: the inability to train the content of the curriculum, peer and family pressure, and the physical characteristics of the classroom. As a result, teachers made suggestions to improve the negative factors affecting the efforts of individualization of teaching. These results were discussed in line with the relevant literature, and various suggestions were made, such as increasing teachers and education supervisors’s the knowledge and experience on the individualization of education and curriculum literacy.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Individualization of instruction, individual differences, classroom teachers.