Çanakkale: A Battle Referred To In the Grand National Assembly (1920-1938)
The Battle of Çanakkale has been a struggle where many learned members of the Turkish nation were lost on a tiny piece of land as the Gallipoli Peninsula and the lack of skilled manpower was felt afterwards. Always remembered for the struggle for existence faced by its nation and taken pride in, this battle is one of the battles which are referred to most in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, the highest decisive body in the history of the country. In negotiations on the motion for granting the title "Commander-in-Chief" to Mustafa Kemal Pasha, the president of the assembly at the time, it was stated in a couplet by the poet Namık Kemal, which Muhittin Baha Bey referred to and Mustafa Kemal Pasha propounded after changing a bit; “May the enemy thrust his blade into the bosom of our land Surely one will rise up to save his mother unfortunate.” that he accepted this title of Commander-in-Chief to turn this couplet into a reality, and by saying, “Esteemed Pasha, you have brought a Kemalyeri into being in Çanakkale and that Kemalyeri has saved İslam, saved the capital, and protected the nation from a disaster through which it would sustain in the First World War. Esteemed Pasha, you will bring a Kemalyeri into being in Anatolia and many others will perish before it.”, Mustafa Kemal Pasha's deeds in Çanakkale were being emphasized and the confidence and the commitment in the struggle for existence that took place in Anadolu was being referred to and it was expressed that the enemy will approach, dissolve and be crushed. In his statement on the state of affairs in İstanbul with His Honor (Mustafa Kemal Pasha) on April 27 1336 (1920), Tuesday, where he told the government in İstanbul that the English would make peace with the nation and the nation was in their hands, Fevzi Pasha (Kozan) expressed his hopeful view for the future by saying; "...means 'slaughter one another, become weak, become helpless and we may invade Anatolia and enslave you without a scratch to any Englishman’. …..The English will fall into a great delusion in this matter as they were mistaken in other affairs such as the attack on Çanakkale".

The Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Session Records of the Assembly, Çanakkale Referenced