The new education system beginning for the first time in the 2012-2013 academic year, also known as 4 +4 +4, in Turkey has led to fundamental changes in the education system shaft. One of these changes is now beginning to enter social studies teachers in 5th grade social studies lesson as subject teachers. In addition to teachers who has bachelor’s degree in social studies education, teachers prepared their high school teacher but at secondary school serving social studies teachers who has bachelor’s degree in history-geography department / teacher, with this change to start entering the course of 5th grade lesson has led to a variety of compliance issues. The purpose of the study in line with this is to reveal the thoughts of social studies teachers began to teach 5th grade students with the change of 2012-2013, about this class-level students, expectations, problems, if any frustrations, etc. status according to4 +4 +4 basis. The participants of the study conducted in a qualitative research design, in the academic year 2013-2014 in the city of Kastamonu were selected from among teachers in a total of 5 secondary schools. In this context a total of 12 social studies teachers 5 female and 7 male were included in the research. Semi-structured interview form was used according to the qualitative research methods. An overall evaluation of the results obtained from the study, the social studies teachers suffer various difficulties about commit lessons with 5th grade students that has been concluded.
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Social studies teachers, 5th grade students, 4 +4 +4 education system