The occupation process in Anatolia started according to the decision taken at Paris Peace Conference and the British army entered in Mousul on November 3, 1918. The Greek army reached “Milne Line” on June 22, 1920 with at a fast pace to occupy West Anatolia. The army arrived till western Bursa by passing Mustafa Kemal Pasa and Karacabey on July 2. During Turkish War of Independence, Kuvayı Milliye troops (National Independence Army) were inadequate against the Greek army in terms of logistics and training and they failed despite all struggles and resistance against occupation in Bursa region. Organization efforts in Bursa region started with arrival of Colonel Bekir Sami into the region. The Colonel Bekir Sami, who significantly served during National Struggle in Bursa as the commander of 56th Division, dispatched the division from Izmir to Bursa. Then, the division arrived in Mudania via seaway after which it reached Bursa where a regular army was tried to be formed. One of the key developments that happened during occupation process in Bursa is that British landed troops to Mudania and shelled it. This development was closely followed by the Command of 56th Division and they tried to take precaution, but they failed. The British army, who landed troops in Mudania and Gemlik regions beginning from July 6, indirectly provided assistance to Greeks by diverting Turkish forces. Occupation action of Greek troops in western Anatolia was neutralized with organization of regular troops of Turkish army and formation of Western Front. The Greek army had to leave Anatolia and Bursa in 1922 after Turkish army gained victories in First and Second Battles of Inonu, Sakarya Battle and the Battle of Dumlupinar.

War of Independence, Western Front, Kuvayımillîye, Mudanya, Bursa.